Why Coral Gables is the Perfect Place to Retire Luxuriously
Coral Gables

Why Coral Gables is the Perfect Place to Retire Luxuriously

Many think of Coral Gables as a college town, since it is home to The University of Miami and boasts many of the exciting attractions that come with a major university town. However, the offerings of luxury condominiums in Coral Gables are attracting an entirely new generation of home buyers and investors who are flocking to the city to retire. The waterfront along Coral Gables has developed into one of the hottest places for luxury condominiums, and with just 60,000 residents, the city has plenty of room for parking and driving around town. Additionally, Coral Gables is approximately 10 miles south of Miami and Miami Beach and about 5 miles north of Kendall, Florida. The median home value in Coral Gables is around $750,000 and rising, making it a great opportunity to purchase that retirement home in the sun. 


You’ve worked hard your entire life to retire and relax. Nothing is worse than relocating to a place where tax restrictions can cut into your hard-earned wealth. Florida is one of the most tax-friendly states in the union, one of the top three in fact, and offers its residents zero income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax. That means when it is time to pass your wealth on to your family, a residence in Florida will protect you from what can be upwards of 60% in other states. Also, that means less taxes taken out of social security income, investment income, capital gains, or any other real estate investments or profits made during your time in Florida. 

Excellent Weather

The climate in Coral Gables is considered one of the best in the country for retirees. Average peak temperatures in the summer only reach around 81 degrees, while average lows in the winter usually stay above 60 degrees. This means you can visit the beach year round to destress, take a swim, or go on a long walk. Additionally, these tropical temperatures are good for ailing joints and promote the healing process in problem and painful areas of the body. There is nothing like having to get out of bed on a cold day with aching backs and knees. Living in Coral Gables, most luxury properties are furnished with HVAC climate control systems that allow you to designate the temperature in your home at any time. Some of the luxury condominiums for sale along the waterfront even feature smart home thermostats that can be controlled remotely from the owner’s smartphone. While there are almost daily thunderstorms in the summertime, they almost always occur at a predictable time in the afternoon, and are over in a matter of minutes. 

Superior Safety

Coral Gables is one of the safest and quietest neighborhoods in all of South Florida. The proximity to the University of Miami means there are tons of security patrols around town and the local police keep a close eye on suspicious activity and partying in residential neighborhoods.

Appealing Entertainment

By retiring to Coral Gables, life will certainly not be boring! This exciting university town brings dozens of events, festivals, and sporting matches to your city. If you are a sports fan, the University of Miami is one of the best Division 1 universities in the country for athletics. Miami has also emerged on the scene in NCAA basketball, women’s volleyball, field hockey, and rowing. Retiring to Coral Gables will give you an opportunity to watch some of the nation’s best amateur athletes, during any season, right in your backyard. The university encourages community members to attend and even offers ticket packages and special rates for seniors and Coral Gables residents. Additionally, Marlins Park, home of the Miami Marlins, is just about 4 miles away from any place in Coral Gables. 

In addition to the great sports viewing and school spirit emanating from Coral Gables, there are plenty of dining, entertainment, and nightlife options to keep your evenings exciting. Grab some dinner at Ichimi, regarded as one of the best Japanese Ramen restaurants in South Florida. You can also check out some of the city’s staple restaurants, like Havana Harry’s featuring traditional Cuban fare, or the Eating House, a favorite among University of Miami students. If you are looking to hit the town, Coral Gables is home to dozens of bars, lounges, and clubs to fit your lifestyle and pace. Visit the Copper 29 Bar for a casual microbrew or Calle 23 for some late night drinks . Additionally, most of the University of Miami’s party activity takes place in nearby Coconut Grove, known for its strip of bars, shops, and restaurants. This is great for keeping the noise level down at night in Coral Gables, and makes shooting over to Coral Gables to mix it up with a young crowd a breeze.  

Superb Healthcare 

If you are ready to move to Coral Gables to retire but are concerned about lingering health issues, rest assured you’ll be in great hands. The University of Miami Health System, also known as UHealth, attracts some of the best doctors and resident physicians from around the world. UHealth has facilities dispersed throughout South Florida and Coral Gables, conveniently close to your new luxury condominium. In addition to UHealth, Coral Gables Hospital offers emergency services, urgent care, and other medical services right on Douglas Road. The Kindred Hospital South Florida also has a location in Coral Gables as part of an extensive health network of expert physicians. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital, named after the great golf champion who spent many years in South Florida, is also situated on the sunny shores of the Biscayne Bay. 

Golfer’s Paradise

If your dream is to retire to South Florida and join the Senior PGA Tour, Coral Gables is one of the best spots you could be! The Biltmore Golf Course is one of the area’s most highly regarded courses and country clubs. This renovated national course hosts PGA events and thousands of golfers every year. The Deering Bay Golf & Country Club also has a world-renowned course, clubhouse, and a place to park your boat or yacht nearby! Take the boat to the course and play a round, afterwards relax in the clubhouse with friends or hit one of the on-site restaurants or lounges for a few drinks or dinner. The Melreese Country Club offers a great course with more flexible and relaxed accommodations. Lastly, being situated in the heart of South Florida, you’ll be just 30 minutes from dozens of the country’s top courses, including Miami Springs and Trump Doral

Intriguing Landmarks

The shores of the Deering Bay along Coral Gables have a rich history that predates the United States with the arrival of Spanish settlers in the 17th century. If you are a history lover, Coral Gables is full of landmarks and attractions to explore right in your backyard and close to many of the luxury condominiums available for sales. The Coral Gables City Hall is a historically designed building that is home to a huge venetian pool and picturesque Greek and Roman architecture. The Coral Gables Merrick House and Gardens feature lusciously landscaped grounds with a glimpse into one of Miami’s most influential families, the Merricks. The Barnacle State Historic Site offers a look into what early homes in Miami looked like, preserved from Spanish settlers. The Alhambra Water Tower has been a fixture of Coral Gables for decades and used to serve a very functional purpose as both a lighthouse and storage for the city’s drinking water. 

Impressive Tours

Once you settle into your new luxury condominium or single family home in Coral Gables, you can begin to explore the beautiful surrounding nature and urban landscape. Coral Gables offers dozens of tour options ranging from Everglades Adventures to helicopter tours around the city of Miami and other South Florida beach communities. Coral Gables is home to businesses that will take you on any type of excursion you desire, from art tours to nature preserves, and everything in between. 

Flexible Airport Options

If you decide to retire to Coral Gables and purchase a luxury condominium, you’ll have easy access to several of the region’s airports and a quick ticket back home to see the grandkids or family. Miami International Airport is an international hub for all kinds of business and pleasure travelers. Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International is just about 45 minutes north and offers a second, less congested option for air travel domestically and internationally. Then, about 90 minutes north, depending on traffic, the Palm Beach Airport is also available to residents of Coral Gables. Between the three large airports in the area, you’ll always have options to fly just about anywhere on the East Coast, even the world. In addition to easy access to the country and the world through the region’s airports, Coral Gables is situated along the I-95 corridor, making it easy to travel to other vibrant beach communities in the state as needed. Coral Gables is also not far from Military Trail, Federal Highway, and Florida’s Turnpike if you are traveling to places situated a bit further inland. 

Healthy Living

Coral Gables offers plenty of options for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you gracefully age. The city’s population is very health conscious and often seen out and about cycling, walking, or running along the many trails available in town. Take a walk through the John G. Gifford Arboretum or American Orchid Society’s luscious gardens. Additionally, Coral Gables has tons of healthy eating options and juice bars, many of which focus on farm-to-table organic ingredients exclusively. Coral Gables also has a Whole Foods Market and other marketplaces to bring home fresh ingredients for your own cuisine. 

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