Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Miami
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Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should Move To Miami

Miami is one of the most eclectic and culturally unique cities in all of the world. For many years Miami was seen as a vacation destination, spring break epicenter, and exciting getaway for those working in other major metropolitan cities up north. However, the city has now emerged as a destination of its own, both for travel, life, and investment properties, year round. Remarkably, Miami has over 56 square miles of luxury properties available

Additionally, Miami has nearly 6.1 million people and contains dozens of unique neighborhoods, each with their own look, feel, and resident culture. Therefore, here are ten reasons why you should pack up your things and relocate to Miami, Florida right now.

Beautiful Weather

Miami is truly beach friendly year round. With average temperatures never dipping below the 60s, there is never a day on the calendar that isn’t great for visiting the neighboring town’s world-class beaches in Miami Beach or Bal Harbour, as well as enjoy the gardens, parks, shopping, and many outdoor activities Miami has to offer. Whether you are a retiree trying to soothe your aching muscles or a young professional in search of a fun life by the beach full of golfing and boating, Miami has the perfect climate for your new luxury condominium.

Dancing and Nightlife

If you love nightlife, and you love dance, Miami is the city for you. They have countless places to dance the night away, from traditional clubs playing some of the hottest electronic and pop hits, to latin clubs themed with salsa, marengie, and traditional Cuban dancing styles, like the Tango. Take a lesson with your spouse or friends, or just hit the clubs for a great time. Many clubs have resident and professional dancers on hand to help you work out your moves. Additionally, the clubs in Miami attract some of the biggest named DJs and performers in entertainment today.

Vast Selection of Luxury Properties

Miami has hundreds of luxury condominiums for sale in all of its growing and eclectic neighborhoods. From bustling urban environments to tranquil and peaceful gardens and waterfront properties, the city truly has any type of property landscape you are looking for. Additionally, there are tons of rental properties and excellent investment opportunities available for your luxury property. As a popular vacation destination, housing is always in high demand in Miami, and owning your very own luxury properties presents dozens of opportunities for investment income. 

Great Sports Teams

Miami has long had a history of winning sports franchises, including an engaged and cheerful fanbase. The Miami Dolphins, who play just a few miles away in nearby Hard Rock Stadium, host eight home games a year in addition to playoff contests. As the only undefeated team in NFL history, dating back to 1972, the Dolphins have a loyal fanbase and tons of exciting events, tailgates, and opportunities to watch with friends and neighbors. The Miami Marlins, the city’s Major League Baseball team is closely located at Marlins Park. The Marlins have won World Series’ championships in the past and attract some of the nation’s top prospects. The Miami Heat are one of the most beloved franchises in the country, not to mention in the city of Miami. American Airlines Arena, a beautiful and modern stadium situated on the beautiful shores of Biscayne Bay is just steps from luxury properties in Downtown Miami. Imagine being able to walk out of your front door, and down the street to watch the NBA’s best on a nightly basis. 

Rich History

Miami has one of the oldest and richest histories of any city in the United States. Originally occupied by the Tequesta Tribe for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans, the area is full of Native American culture and decor. In 1566, the land was originally claimed by the Spanish, one of the first settlements in the continental U.S. The evidence of Spanish settlement is still pervasive in all neighborhoods in Miami, as it is the nation’s most celebrated city for Latino arts and culture. Additionally, Spanish architecture, old churches, and tiled roofs are scattered throughout the city, giving it an old-world feel with a modern touch. With over 70% of Miami’s population listed as Hispanic or Latino, the culture is pervasive in all aspects of city life, including numerous museums, art galleries, and restaurants. 

Outstanding Healthcare

With the long-standing reputation as a great place to retire, Miami has long been a hub of the country’s best medical professionals, surgeons, and emergency doctors. The Jackson Memorial Hospital and the University of Miami’s Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine are both located in the city and are consistently rated better than the national averages. Miami has almost any type of medical specialist around and is even home to “resident” doctors who work in some of the best hospitals in the northeast and then spend their vacation time practicing in South Florida. 

Superb Fine Art Scene

Miami is one of the best cities in the country to view and purchase fine art. The Wynnewood neighborhood, which is home to lots of young professionals and art galleries features the Wynnewood Walls, a decorated mural presented by esteemed local artists. The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens are regarded as one of the most beautifully landscaped areas in all of South Florida. The grounds are often filled with tourists and residents alike just basking in the natural beauty of South Florida. The Perez Art Museum features both modern and classical pieces from some of the world’s most recognized artists. The MiMo, or Miami Museum of Modern Art is one of the most iconic buildings in the city and features architecture and design on par with the hottest interior designers in the world. Miami is also home to a history museum and children’s museum. The Wings Over Miami Aviation Museum features aircraft and spacecraft from the last century and the Bay of Pigs invasion Museum, which was staged in and around Miami, contains artifacts from that pivotal event in history. 

Tasty and Diverse Restaurants

Miami has some of the best restaurants in the world, period. While it was once considered tertiary to New York and Boston chefs, Miami is now attracting the world’s top chefs and culinary talent. The diverse options available for almost any type of cuisine also make Miami a special place to live for foodies. The Mandolin Aegean Bistro features cuisine from old-world mediterranean countries. CVI.CHE 105 is also one of the hottest scenes in the city for small plates and exciting cuisine inspired by both Latino and New-American fare. If you’re looking for something more casual, Miami has tons of casual dining options, such as the Blue Collar, serving up comfort foods, as well as cafes, bodegas, and breakfast spots dispersed throughout the town. Your new luxury property will be just steps from one of many great dining options. 

Fitness and Wellness

If you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, Miami is known as one of the healthiest and most fit cities in all of the world. With the beautiful beaches comes a need to show off a beautiful body, and Miami has no shortage of gyms, fitness centers, and specialized fitness professionals. Top experts in physical therapy and strength and conditioning have also flocked to the city in droves to drive the culture of fitness. Juice bars and farm-to-table restaurants are becoming ever more popular and perpetuating the overall emphasis on health and wellness in Miami. 

Easy to Navigate

Miami is one of the most accessible cities in the country. It is often voted one of the most “walkable” cities because of the weather and easy-to-navigate streets. Public transportation is also plentiful, with a state-of-the-art bus fleet and light rail system that can get you to any part of the city, or South Florida, in a breeze. Additionally, Miami Transit Authority has released several user-friendly applications to help riders locate their routes, pay for tickets, and even use their smartphone as a ticket option. If you prefer to stay on the road, Miami may experience heavy traffic at times, but is accessible from all major roadways in South Florida, such as I-95, Military Trail, Collins Ave., and Florida’s Turnpike. Miami also has its very own international airport with regular flights from all over the world. It’s close to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport, another major hub for South Florida and the world as well. 

Steven Seigel
Steven Seigel has been selling luxury real estate in South Florida since 2006 and has established himself as one of South Florida’s top luxury real estate agents over the past decade. His expertise in the new construction condo market gives him a competitive edge among other luxury realtors. His markets of expertise include Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. Steven started out working on acquisitions and dispositions of commercial real estate at Marcus & Millichap. It was here that he honed his skills evaluating and analyzing investment grade properties.
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