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Promoting Your Home Sale—Our Marketing Plans

To sell your home for the price you want, you need to make sure it’s seen by the right people, and as many of them as possible. We can help. When selling a home, we develop a unique and comprehensive marketing plan that puts your listing in front of thousands of motivated buyers.

Contact our agents today to begin the process of selling your home. Our agents are experienced and completely dedicated to your needs as a home seller. We’ll guide you through every part of the home sale process, and help you understand how to set the best price and prepare your home for showings. Our marketing plans are just one part of that process, but it’s the one where our expertise really shines.

We Build Better Marketing Plans

The best marketing plans are those that bring all the right elements together. When building marketing plans, we focus on developing…

The Right Price

Developing an effective price is one of the crucial first steps in developing a marketing plan. Homes that are well-priced typically generate more offers, often even competing offers. Our data-driven approach is designed to develop the best price through an exhaustive analysis of other nearby and similar listings. We even look at expired and successfully-sold listings to narrow down the perfect price even farther.

The Right Exposure

Promoting a home is all about focusing on the features that are most enticing to buyers. Thanks to years of experience in the market, we know how to build listings that generate interest. We’ll post those listings in all of the most effective places, from the local MLS to all of the relevant larger ones.

We don’t stop there, either. Your listings will also show up on new listings sheets and real estate publications. Additionally, our nationwide network of agent contacts will have complete access to your listing while searching for homes for their home-buying clients.

Effective Internet Marketing

80% of all buyers check the internet before any other sources, so we make the web a focus of our marketing plans. You (and interested buyers) will be able to find your listing on many of the real estate directories, including the one right here on our website. We build out every listing with attractive and innovative features that compel homebuyers to take the next step.


Every listing we build gets the care it needs to really make a difference, and it’s available at no additional cost to you. It’s our pleasure to represent you when these listings start to generate offers. The experience of our agents will give you the insight you need at the negotiating table. We’ll make sure that both the price and the closing terms are consistent with your needs and wants.

Don’t worry about that paperwork! We take responsibility for everything that needs to be signed, filed and processed to sell your home.

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